Sue Lee

Artist Statement

Vectors at ends with Rasters,
Paths settled into Pixels,
Color, graphics and realism combined in new and unique ways,
Photographs and Vectors, I say unequivocally, Yes!

I starting thinking about collages in a new way in 2014, mixing both photographs and vector graphics. This allowed me as an artist to work with two mediums that I love, Illustrations and photographs.

Artist Bio

Sue Lee was born in California in 1961 and moved to Alaska in 1968. Lee works predominantly with photographic images, but has lately been working with digital illustrations and then combining her digital art with photographic images. Some of her past works include an Alaskan images portfolio, a Children of Haiti portfolio, logo and branding services for area businesses and various collages/photographs. Lee can be found most days sitting at her computer using two of her favorite programs, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Lee is currently a Digital Art Student at KPC/UAA and is set to graduate with her degree next Fall. She lives and works in Kenai, Alaska.

Mark Clafshenkel

My Artist Statement

The photograph tells a story that can be read universally by any observer. The story of my images is the natural beauty of the landscape. From the earliest beginnings man has used art to convey beauty. The art in describing beauty is not only in the artistic object in of itself, but also in the embodiment of emotion. Beautiful art makes a connection between artist and observer that transfers an intended understanding of awe and wonderment. The art in my work begins in the field with exploration and discovery. Once a photogenic locale is identified I envision a mental fine art image that
maximizes the natural beauty around me and can convey emotion, mood, time and place. Patience and perseverance must be exercised while waiting for the necessary elements to align in the composition. It can mean returning to an area several times under different conditions of day, light and season to capture the best image in field. Prudent and subtle digital darkroom editing is used to enhance the natural beauty and to highlight objects of interest in the composition. The darkroom editing allows for creatively developing the raw field capture into a fine art image embodying emotion that has the ability to transfer my love of the natural landscape and its overwhelming beauty to an observer. In my work I strive to represent this natural beauty artistically and emotionally without corrupting reality. These images are of real places at specific times and under ideal conditions that favor the revealing of inherent natural beauty at its best.

Artist Bio

I am a lifelong Outdoorsman passionate about wildlife, nature and the preservation of our wild resources. My love of pristine wilderness brought me to Alaska several times in the early 2000’s. After an especially memorable trip in 2007, I decided to study Landscape Photography seriously. Over the next three years I received formal classroom education in photography and attended many outdoor field workshops and a few guided photography expeditions. In 2010 I had a great opportunity to move from my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and re-locate permanently in Wasilla, Alaska. I spend my time now exploring and discovering the wilds of Alaska. I continue to mentor with a professional Landscape
Photographer and am continually striving to improve my art and bring my love of the outdoors to others through my Fine Art Prints.