Photo Contest

Fine Art Contest article by the Redoubt Reporter

Soldotna’s ARTSpace Inc., the Redoubt Reporter, the City of Soldotna and the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce are sponsoring two Summer 2015 photo contests with cash prizes, publication, and possible later use in local art activities.  All submitted work must be family-friendly and suitable for general publication and for exhibition in locations where children may be present.

Deadline for submitting images to each contest is 11:59pm, August 21, 2015.  The contest is open to all Alaska residents with a permanent U.S. mail address in Alaska and who are either amateur photographers or emerging photographic artists. There is no entry fee.

All submissions should be made as fully corrected, highest quality JPEG format image files suitable for immediate use and Emailed to prior to deadline. All submissions must be made by Email and must be accompanied by a signed official entry form agreeing to the contest rules, terms, and conditions.

Photo Contest Application Form (PDF)

Entrants may enter either the “fine art” or “Soldotna” contests, or both.  Each Emailed entry must be specifically labeled as “Fine Art” or “Soldotna” in the subject line of the Email.

The “fine art” contest encompasses work of a primarily artistic nature of any subject matter and photographic technique. Both single images and “bodies of work”, a series of six to ten related fine art images that cohesively examine a specific subject, place or technique, are eligible and welcome. Bodies of work are preferred in the “fine art” contest.

This year’s awards in the fine art photography “body of work” category are a $200 cash first place, $100 second place, and $50 third place. A single $100 cash prize will also be awarded. for the best single image.  All photos will be judged by UA art faculty and others for artistry, including concept and composition, technical quality, realization of your intent, and originality.

The “City of Soldotna” contest seeks not more than five (5) images per entrant that depict life, recreation, economic activity, and/or nature in and around the City of Soldotna.

This year’s awards in the “Soldotna” contest are a $200 cash first place, $100 second place, and $50 third place. Individual photos will be judged for strong content, artistic presentation and concept, technical quality, and suitability for use in various City of Soldotna and Soldotna Chamber of Commerce web sites and publications.  The City of Soldotna will print and display decorative highway banners of one or more suitable entries in this contest.

Individual entrants may later be invited to participate in a variety of later exhibits and art activities, including Phase II of ARTSpace’s Central Peninsula outdoor public and art mural projects, Soldotna’s forthcoming year-long “drawers” exhibit, and as entries into Soldotna’s 2016 Memorial Day weekend Emerging Artist contest. A few dozen of the best images from each contest will be included in later commemorative books of photographs.

“Soldotna” contest entries will also be made available to the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce and to the City of Soldotna for review and for possible promotional use of entered photographs as set out in the official rules, terms, and conditions posted on the ARTSpace 2015 photo contest web page.